Dublin Ranch Real Estate Market Continues to Favor Sellers.

Sellers of Dublin Ranch single-family homes have something to celebrate — the real estate market continues to be in their favor! “Months of Inventory” for last month was at just below two months, which is a good seller’s market.

People ask us, all the time, “How’s the real estate market?” We’ve found that the easiest way to describe any market is by talking about the “months of inventory” statistics. This stat measures the length of time, with current buying activity, it would take to sell all the homes on the market if no more homes came on the market after today. The shorter the time, the more the market favors sellers — the longer the time, the more the market favors buyers.

Any market where the velocity of the market is less than 90 days is considered a “seller’s market;” anything less than 45 days is considered a “strong seller’s market.” At 1.9 Months Supply of Inventory, the current Dublin Ranch real estate market land squarely in the “seller’s market” category. As we head into the holidays, though, it’s pretty common for the pendulum to start swinging back toward more of a buyer’s market. We’ll see if that happens this year, as well.

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