Helpful Hints on Dublin Ranch Holiday Trees.

The holidays are a beautiful experience for those lucky enough to live in homes in Dublin Ranch. I always get excited when I see the lights come on across the top of Waterford shopping center and the garland and wreaths go up on Ulferts Center — it’s so great that property owners in our community get excited about the holidays, too!

So many of our Dublin Ranch homes include vaulted ceilings that are fantastic for installing a tree, and the smell of fresh evergreen always makes a home, condo or townhome feel more festive. These days, tree lots are popping up in parking lots as fast as the common cold is popping up amongst your friends and co-workers. But where are the best places to get a tree?

My favorite experience is cutting down a fresh tree from a tree farm. There are a few of them around, but my favorite one is on Highway 92 on your way to Half Moon Bay. I know it’s a haul to get there from Dublin Ranch, but take your digital camera and make a day of it — a tree cutting and mini road trip are a great way to reduce your family’s sense of commercialism during the holiday season. I’ve also had clients tell me there are great live-tree farms in Santa Cruz (and I believe it!). A closer tree farm is on Redwood Road in Castro Valley.

For those without a vehicle with which to haul a tree, Costco has a “fresh-cut” tree program where the tree is cut, put in a box and delivered to your doorstep. Talk about the ultimate convenience! Reviews on their website are, for the most part, positive. Prices range from $100 for a 6.5 – 7ft. tree, to $160 for a 8.5 – 9ft. tree. Those prices include a $30 discount for Costco members.

While you’re shopping, remember that “flocked” trees (the kind with fake snow on them) or trees with tinsel on them may be pretty, but they can’t be recycled. Coming up in Part 2 of our article series on holiday trees — how residents of Dublin Ranch homes, condos and townhomes can get rid of their tree after the holiday season is over!