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As the Personal Representative for an estate, you wear a lot of hats. You are responsible for the affairs of someone else’s property. You maintain records, pay bills, file paperwork and work inside very specific legal parameters. You do this while attempting to fulfill the diverse wishes of the beneficiaries and, most importantly, while honoring the legacy of the person who passed.

It can be a challenging role, and an even more emotional and overwhelming process. Sometimes, the most demanding part can come with the administration of the estate’s real property. It’s not just a house — it’s a home; a lifetime of memories, and it can be hard to let go.

Lifestyle Real Estate Services helps Personal Representatives like you make the sale of real property as painless as possible. Whether it’s an estate with Full IAEA (or one with limited authority), aiding in the sale of a Trust property that didn’t receive Heggstad approval, or assisting a Conservator in listing real estate, we strive to act within the requirements and wishes set by you, your legal representation, and the court. We even assist the court’s referee in assessing an accurate value, saving you the hassle of a sale that could be bogged down by legalities.

As your advocate, we’ll all work towards a common goal: Maximizing the value of a decedent’s real property assets and spring boarding the financial future of their beneficiaries.

Every estate is unique. How can we help with yours?

Just as no two families are the same, no two estates are the same. While we work to streamline the process of selling real property, we understand that flexibility is necessary to meet your needs. It is rare that estate property is in pristine condition, but our team of professionals is experienced, established, and able to recommend and execute improvements that maximize value. Even in situations where timelines or the estate’s reserves do not allow for improvements to be made prior to sale, we’re still able to help: We are experts at selling homes with deferred maintenance issues, maximizing value while minimizing liability.

In general, when a loved one passes in the State of California, their estate must be processed through the Probate Courts before property can be distributed to any beneficiaries whether or not they had a will. There may be exceptions to this, such as when an estate is covered by a “Living Trust,” or contains less than $150,000 worth of assets. Although the Probate Court exists to respect the wishes of the departed and protect the interests of all beneficiaries, it can be a complex and overwhelming process. Fortunately, with the help of a good estate attorney and a knowledgable real estate company, the experience can be a little less daunting.
Typically formed as “Living Trusts,” Trusts are designed to circumvent the Probate process when distributing a loved one’s assets to friends and family, all while maintaining a higher level of peace and privacy. Due (in part) to their relatively high costs and maintenance, only approximately 5% of Americans have established a Trust. The end result is much the same as an ordinary Probate process, however: Beneficiaries receive an estate’s assets and are often left searching for ways to reinvest their inheritance, whether it’s buying rental property or selling inherited real property.
While Conservatorships are different than Probate and Trust cases, we believe it remains crucial to provide the estate and the people involved with the utmost care, respect, and options.

An individual may be rendered incapable of caring for themselves due to terminal illness or debilitating ailment. Fortunately, another adult can petition the court to serve as their “Conservator,” looking after the “Conservatee,” their finances, and their estate. In some situations, the Conservator may need to sell the Conservatee’s real estate and consolidate their assets in order to help pay for medical bills, elderly care, and nursing fees. For these reasons, it is important for Conservators to work with professionals who understand the gravity of the situation, uphold the Conservatee’s best interests, and help them maintain their quality of life by getting the most equity out of their estate.

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