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Lifestyle Real Estate Services has published Special Reports to help consumers interested in buying or selling a home. It is our hope that you will remember us when it is time for you to buy or sell a home in the East Bay and will drop us a line when the time is right for you.

The Top 20 Mortgage Mistakes

Top 20 Mortgage Mistakes Home Buyers Make.

Everyone knows that when you prepare to buy a home, there are important decisions that need to be made every step of the way. Too often, home buyers make mistakes that can negatively affect their financial future for years when it comes to their mortgage. With our Market Smarts for Home Buyers free in this guide, we’ll update you on:

  • How you can avoid being disqualified from your loan even after you’re Pre-approved.
  • The biggest blunder home buyers make that keeps their home search going on and on and on.
  • What is the second most common question a home seller will ask when considering your offer and how can you increase your chances of buying the home you love over 300%?
  • The surprising truth about home loans: a lower interest rate isn’t always better!
  • The single worst thing a home buyer can do to sabotage their credit and how you can avoid doing it.
  • How to make buying a home a pleasurable, fun experience and not the stress-filled horror story other people talk about.

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How to Sell Your Home in a Buyers Market

How to Sell Your Home in a Buyer’s Market.

Economic times have changed. The real estate marketplace has changed… and so must your home-selling strategy. It’s a simple logic, really — but so many sellers just don’t “get it.” You don’t have to be one of the pack. Get the best price faster than anyone else around. With the tips in this free guide, we’ll update you on:

  • What to expect in a marketplace where buyers are now top dog.
  • The biggest blunder today’s home sellers make that keeps the “For Sale” sign in their yard months too long.
  • How to avoid the stress and frustration brought by insulting offers from lowballing buyers, long months with strangers trekking through your home and poking through your closets and – the worst possibility of all – the money-draining strain of two mortgage payments.
  • The surprising way home sellers unwittingly sabotage selling their home.
  • The single most powerful tactic home sellers miss for attracting qualified buyers who’ll find their home a perfect fit.
  • The #1 reason bad sales happen to good people.
  • How to prevent the buyer-seller tangle from becoming dog-eat-dog so you get your asking price the first time around.

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