The Holidays Are Here Again in Dublin Ranch!

It’s that time of year… the Holidays are here in Dublin Ranch! The “holiday lights” across all the buildings at Waterford Place are coming on at night, the beautiful wreaths and decorations are up at Ulferts Center, and this year we even had a Christmas Tree lot on Camino Tassajara. Your real estate team at Dublin Ranch Lifestyle bought our Christmas tree there, and had a great experience. The people (and the animals in the petting zoo!) were friendly and the selection of trees was fantastic!

Whatever holiday you celebrate, we wanted to take a moment and wish you all the best. The Real Estate team at Dublin Ranch Lifestyle has been so fortunate to hear from and work with quite a few of you this year, and you all have been so supportive as we have started up our parent company, Lifestyle Real Estate Services.

As great as 2011 has been, we’re really looking forward to 2012! We hope you feel the same, and we wish you and your family a peaceful and refreshing holiday this season!