We’re Reinventing Ourselves… Again. Welcome to Our New Website.

Welcome to the new website for Lifestyle Real Estate Services. Yes, we’re reinventing ourselves… again. We have a good reason for it, though: When people ask me, “What do you do?” I respond, “I run a real estate marketing company.” Their next reaction is always predictable — They furrow their brow and say “So, you’re a Realtor?”

Now, the honest truth is that yes, I am a Realtor. I belong to the National Association of Realtors, I subscribe to the Realtor Code of Ethics, I share my commissions with my peers, all that stuff. But what is it about the word “Realtor” that makes people think of a face on a bus stop? One of the reasons we started Lifestyle Real Estate Services is because we wanted to take the focus off the ego-driven person with their photo plastered everywhere. We wanted to make selling real estate an art form.

Sometimes we rehab a house before we put it on the market. Rehabbing is a process of making something beautiful, but the process doesn’t start that way. To replace something that’s ugly, you typically have to hit it with a sledge hammer and break it to the point that you can rip off the wall and throw it in a dumpster. Only by demolishing ugliness can you create something beautiful. We call it “Creative Destruction.”

And so it is with our website. We liked our site; we just didn’t love it. And what’s the point of living with something you don’t love? This new site focuses on our work and our clients, but more than anything it shows our work the way we see it — as art.

We hope you love our work as much as we do.