Tesla Model S Options and Pricing Revealed!

Dublin Ranch residents who are thinking about purchasing a car this year will have a a new, different option starting this summer when the Tesla Model S is introduced. An all-electric, seven seat sedan, the Model S uses no gasoline. Just like you would charge your cell phone at night, you can plug in your Model S and enjoy up to 300 miles of range between charges.

Needless to say, as a real estate company who takes environmental issues seriously, this car has been something we’ve been VERY excited about. Realtors have traditionally driven oversized, gas-guzzling vehicles in the name of projecting an image they think is important. We don’t think that way, and we love the fact that Model S is well-appointed, it’s a beautiful design, and it’s emissions-free.

To us, the most exemplary feature of the Tesla Model S is the range — Model S can travel up to 300 miles between charges. Unlike most other electric vehicles which have a range of 100 miles or less, this is a car we can practically use in our work. But that “practically” word is used, here, quite loosely — Model S is not inexpensive by most standards. Base pricing starts (AFTER the $7500 Federal Tax Credit) at $49,900 and carries all the way up to $97,900 — that’s without any options!

Still, if you’re considering parking a new BMW 5 or 7 Series or a Mercedes E or S Class Sedan (or even a seven passenger SUV!) in your Dublin Ranch driveway this year, the Model S is a fantastic choice. With premium gasoline hovering at around $4/gallon, you’ll likely find Model S to be a money-saver over its gas-powered competitors.

Click here for Tesla Model S Options and Pricing.