As Demand Increases, Available Dublin Ranch Condos & Townhomes are Hard to Find.

The real estate market for Dublin Ranch condos and townhomes has changed significantly over the last year. Demand increases are on the rise, and there are quite a few reasons why — lenders have slowed down on foreclosing and have allowed a wider variety of work-out options for owners in distress. For owners who can’t afford a work-out option, short sales are taking much less time and that means properties don’t have to be marketed and re-marketed when homebuyers eventually become frustrated with waiting and walk away.

There’s also a lot more optimism in the real estate market these days. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, it would seem we’ve hit the bottom. Prices are stable, but have experienced small increases. The reason why the market isn’t taking off with soaring home prices is, quite simply, because of the current lending environment that depends on appraisals. Worried appraisers (who took quite a bit of the blame for the skyrocketing market of a few years ago) are much more conservative with values when a property is being financed.

The “good news” for home sellers is a double-edged sword. On the up side, the value of Dublin Ranch condos and townhomes is no longer plummeting and seems quite stable these days. On the down side, if you purchased your home in the mid-2000’s and are waiting for the value to come back to what it was back then, you will likely be waiting a while.

If you are a homebuyer looking for real estate for sale in Dublin Ranch, know that the competition is stiff and most properties sell within the first few days of coming on the market. The trick, for you, will be to find out about properties immediately when they come on the market (which we can help you with if you request an auto-alert account), and to have representation that will help you put together a strong offer and present it in its best light.

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