Have You Seen It? Rolls Royce Introduces a New “Budget Conscious” Model.

Soon, owners of Dublin Ranch homes may be surprised to see a new Rolls Royce in their neighbor’s driveway. Expected to be introduced in the Geneva Auto Show is a new model from the brand many have come to envy – it’s called the Rolls Royce 200EX.

Alright, so it may not fit everyone’s definition of budget conscious, but it’s a pretty fantastic automobile and certainly a forward leap for the design team at Great Britain’s most prestigious automobile brand. Car Magazine refers to the 200EX as Rolls Royce’s “baby car”, as its smaller chassis gives the car a smaller footprint than your “run of the mill” Rolls — However, it’s supposed to ride just as smooth as the Phantom.

Pricing is expected to be a “modest” $250-280,000 (hmmm… a Dublin Ranch condo, or a new car…? We’ll get back to you.) You can check out a video micro-site on the car, or read the press release by clicking these links.

Don’t worry, though, the “economy model” still features the motorized hood ornament that drops down into the grill to prevent theft while the car is parked. We checked for you just to make sure.