Buffalo Wild Wings opens in Dublin Ranch at Grafton Station.

Buffalo Wild Wings is now open in Dublin Ranch, and owners of Dublin Ranch homes, condos and townhomes have a new place to hang out.

I have to admit, when I heard our beautiful neighborhood was getting a “Wings” joint, I was MORE than a little bit skeptical. We are such a classy neighborhood; the idea of a restaurant coming that emphasized food you can pick up at just about any fast-food restaurant and presenting itself on the internet as an alternative to TGI Fridays had me more than a little worried about the caliber of businesses the recession was allowing us to attract.

Man, was I wrong… Buffalo Wild Wings in Dublin Ranch is a great place, and a great addition to our neighborhood. It’s more of an experience than it is a place to eat, and that starts when you walk in the door. With screens everywhere, most of then LCD but some of them huge projector screens. With all the video everywhere, this place is practically visual overload from the time you walk in the door. Adding to the interactivity is their game system that allows you to play everything from poker to trivia with different players all over the world using the same system right from your table. The ultra-attentive staff is quick to remind you that whatever you want played on which-ever screen, they are ready to change the channel for you.

Buffalo Wild Wings has a great food selection that, like any sports bar, is going to include a fantastic beer selection. I wasn’t really thinking when I ordered a burger; the next time I go I’ll have to give the wings a try. The food was good, the service was excellent and, needless to say, being there is a blast.

Buffalo Wild Wings is unlike any other place we have in Dublin Ranch. That said, just because I liked it doesn’t mean everyone will. It’s more of a hang-out where you’ll go with “the guys” than it is a place to go for a fine meal and a great dining experience. Still, they changed my skeptical mind, and I’m sure will do great in our community. Let’s do our best to support this new business so other places will come and fill those empty spaces at Grafton Station and the coming Promenade!