Dublin Ranch Homeowners: Recycle Your Holiday Tree.

We here at Dublin Ranch Lifestyle would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Now that the holidays are over you might be wondering how you can dispose of, or better yet, recycle your holiday tree. So long as your tree isn’t flocked or tinseled there are two ways you can do this.

Until the 8th, Amador Valley Industries (also known as “AVI”) has a special truck just for recycling holiday trees. Just cut your tree into 4-foot sections and leave it on the curb on your regular pick up day.

If you want to leave your tree up for a little longer there’s still hope. Anytime during the year you can dispose of your tree in your organics cart. Just make sure to trim it down so you can close the lid!

What if your tree is flocked or has tinsel in it? Just call AVI at 925.479.9545 to schedule a special pick-up. There might be a charge if you have already used up your complimentary Large Item Collections for the year. (AVI gives you three, free.)