Investment Opportunity in Dublin Ranch Condos and Townhomes.

As the economy recovers, many people are regaining their confidence in the real estate market. In fact, real estate in Dublin Ranch has already turned back towards a seller’s market. While you may not have been able to buy at the most advantageous point there is still significant reward to be made as an investment opportunity when purchasing a Dublin Ranch condo or townhouse. Consider that while supply is down 39% and demand is up 117% from November of 2007 there are still 2.4 months of inventory on the market.

The other big point is price — prices of homes are still below where they were originally offered by many of our neighborhood’s builders. Dublin Ranch condos and townhomes are down 19% from November 2007, so if you act now you will still be making a favorable deal. These prices have been climbing steadily since March 2009 and in the next few months are sure to meet their previous level. Even if you are not interested in investing, per se, but have a desire to live in the Dublin Ranch community, now is a great time to take advantage of this investment opportunity.

Enjoy the Holidays!