Owners of Dublin Ranch Homes Facing Foreclosure Have Hope.

For owners of Dublin Ranch homes, condos and townhouses, owing more than your home is worth is a grim reality.  In an economy where everyone is making less, some with lost jobs and have no income, practically everyone’s savings have deflated because of the “sliding” stock market, and it’s easy to see why our home prices have fallen — it’s important for you to know that none of the above is your fault.

Many times, when faced with financial difficulties, the easiest reaction is to avoid the issue. We stop answering the phone; we quit checking the mailbox. Some people with Dublin Ranch real estate have simply given up and moved on, leaving behind a home for their bank to foreclose and a dead lawn for their neighbors to enjoy. Know this: giving up is not your only option. Your lender does not want to foreclose, and they want YOU to stay in your home if at all possible.

I was reminded of these facts by a commentary  I read this morning on CNN.com by Gail Cunningham, Senior Director of Public Relations for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC).  If you are struggling to make the mortgage on your Dublin Ranch home, condo or townhome, or even if you are behind several months on your payment there is help, and there are options, for you.  Take a couple minutes to read this article.

The biggest thing I wanted to share is how important it is to act now — stop procrastinating.  Call your lender and tell them you’re in trouble, that you want to pay, but that you need help.  The longer you wait, the less options you have because the process can take several weeks.  They should renegotiate your loan; they should work on your behalf, but if they don’t, email me and I can help you find someone to help you.