New Construction: Why You Need an Agent to Help You (Part 2 of 3).

Buying a house from a builder seems simple — you show up, sign in, view the model, pick out your lot and upgrades, and sign. “Why do I need an agent for that?” I hear you asking… Read on, my friend.

Think of how much it must cost to build a new-home subdivision. Start to finish, the costs must be endless. Still, there’s a reason why builders do it and make a ton of cash — the profit centers are endless as well! Some buyers in Dublin Ranch are savvy enough to know what real estate fees are typical. Unfortunately, most people who are buying new construction get the short end of the stick.

Here’s an example: in Dublin Ranch, the buyer normally pays their own title and escrow fees. In this market if a seller really wants their home sold they will likely pay these fees and maybe even buy down the rate of your loan; you just have to have an agent with enough guts to ask. If I’m representing a seller and the buyer wants my seller to pay these fees, I normally stipulate that my seller gets to pick the title company. That seems fair right? If YOU are paying, YOU want to choose who YOU are paying.

That’s not how a new home builder sees it. Their agreements often stipulate you will use the title company they choose, and that you will pay all the title and escrow fees surrounding the sale. What’s worse is the title company they often use is First American Title Company, New Homes Division. In all the transactions I’ve done, I have found them to be the most disorganized, and most expensive, company out there. You probably won’t get out of using them, but you can definitely escape paying their astronomical fees. Plus, if you use me, you’ll have an agent who stays on top of them to assure a smooth transaction.

Before you go looking at new homes in Dublin Ranch, let’s talk. It’s not worth it to go it alone and because my commission is paid by the builder my services, for you, are free of charge. Give me a call today at 925.230.8375 or send me a message.