Dublin Ranch Steal-of-the-Week: 4092 Clarinbridge Circle.

A new opportunity to purchase a Dublin Ranch condo in the Villas is here, and it’s a beautiful home that any Dublin Ranch buyer should take a serious look at. It features a hardwood floor on the main level, stainless steel appliances, cherry cabinets, an open view to the south out the entrance of the community, and is literally a few short steps to the community fitness center and the pool.

4092 Clarinbridge Circle is being offered for sale at $349,900 by Majed Sartipi, a RE/Max agent. It is not available to show until Friday, January 15th, but I’ll be happy to show it to you and write you an offer if this opportunity seems interesting to you.

There’s a couple of catches with this home, though, that I should probably make you aware of here. The first is that it’s a short sale, and it’s the most difficult kind of short sale to deal with — there are two loans and they are with two different lenders. After reviewing the tax records on this property, I can tell you that the second will likely not be due anything from the short sale (the value is below the balance of the first…) and that always creates a tug-of-war in the negotiation process trying to get the second mortgage to cooperate with the sale. They don’t have to, and they can drag the first into foreclosure if they choose to.

The second catch is that this home shares a common wall with the fitness center, and the Villas used to have complaints from the neighboring homes in this building about noise. This has been decreased since a rubber floor was installed in the fitness center but if you’re a light sleeper, or if you work nights, this may not be the best home for you.

Still, it’s a great price; for a buyer who’s interested in getting a great deal on a Dublin Ranch condo and has time to wait for the short sale to be negotiated, this is a great opportunity.