Dublin Ranch Condos and Townhomes Sell Like Hotcakes!

Real estate in December is rarely exciting. Most everyone is spending extra time with family and friends who are in town or they’ve gone out of town themselves. Typically, that means deals have to be put on hold and often it means new listings get put off entirely. So, why did I grab your attention with yummy breakfast foods? Well, let’s just say the December numbers for Dublin Ranch townhomes and condos haven’t exactly been typical.

New listings and the overall number of properties for sale both dipped, unsurprisingly. But, contrary to what one might expect, the average days on market for a Dublin Ranch condo or townhome this last month was 32 days. That’s down 36% from December ‘07 and 68% from December ‘08. Not impressed by December numbers in general? How about coming down 50% from this past November? With that kind of interest in Dublin Ranch townhomes and condos maybe it’s time to consider putting your property on the market.

Over the past two years sales of Dublin Ranch condos and townhomes have increased by 80%. The trend here indicates that these types of properties should continue to enjoy an excited market for a short period of time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Download this month’s housing report for Dublin Ranch Condos and Townhomes.