Strong Seller’s Market Prevails for Dublin Ranch Homeowners.

The number of Dublin Ranch detached homes on the market has decreased 69% since December of 2007! Even over just the past 6 months inventory has fallen by 48%. As the Dublin Ranch community remains in steady demand, asking prices will continue to climb. This strong seller’s market offers excellent news for Dublin Ranch homeowners, as home equity builds with the inclined market value.

Those of you who are a little more real estate savvy may wish to point out that the winter is historically slow and that a slow market will naturally reflect a decrease in inventory as less properties are put on the market to replace those that are closing escrow. While I can certainly appreciate your skepticism, I encourage you to check out the data linked below. I’m sure you’ll be quite intrigued.

Not interested in charts and graphs? No problem. In plain English: The steady decrease in Dublin Ranch homes for sale, coupled with the continued demand for those same homes, has presented homesellers with an advantageous situation. Just last month the median asking price was $599,450 but the median sold price was $630,000. We expect the sale prices to continue in moderate growth for the early part of the year. Be sure to stop by next month to see if I have to eat my words or not!


Download this month’s housing report for Dublin Ranch single family homes.