Short Sale Successfully Negotiated and Sold by the Real Estate Team at Dublin Ranch Lifestyle.

The Real Estate Team at Dublin Ranch Lifestyle has done it again! The owners of 3077 Lakemont Drive #2 in San Ramon hired us after learning about our unique marketing philosophy at

Knowing they were underwater not only on their home equity line, but also on a portion of their mortgage, they wanted us to help them avoid foreclosure, unload the property, while paying the least amount out of pocket as possible. This husband and wife had recently experienced a loss of income. Because of their high payments on their upside-down loans, and their inability to find a tenant, we were able to help them sell the property and preserve their credit from a foreclosure.

We employed Mortgage Resolution Services (MRS) to negotiate the short sale on their behalf. MRS has a great deal of experience at negotiating short sales. With this being the most difficult type of short sale to negotiate and close (two loans with two different lenders…), this was the most practical approach to take.

Most real estate agents choose to negotiate short sales themselves to save money. With the amount of experience MRS has, we feel like our clients’ best interests are more important than our desire to save money. As they say, the “proof is in the pudding!” MRS was able to get both lenders on the same playing field, with an approved short sale in just over 90 days — absolutely unheard of in today’s market — and the buyers were able to close in time to receive the Federal Housing Tax Credit.

In a short sale, most — if not all — of the selling expenses are absorbed by the lenders. When the buyer found out the only thing he needed to pay out of pocket to sell the property were the HOA Doc and Transfer fees, our client wrote in an email:

“So you’re telling me that [my wife] and I are getting out of this thing for $798?  Wow.  Seriously am speechless.  You deserve a realtor medal or something.”

If you have a home in Dublin Ranch that you need to sell, especially if you owe more on your home than it is worth, take a moment to review Roger’s thoughts on marketing homes at our marketing philosophy page and give us a call today at 925.230.8375.