Senate Bill Provides Financial Relief for Owners of Dublin Ranch Homes.

Owners of Dublin Ranch homes have been feeling the pressure of their mortgages for some time now. For some, selling their home as a short sale and even going and losing their home to foreclosure have been their only options. Luckily, a new law gives homeowners some financial relief by offering additional time before being forced into foreclosure. To see how it can help you, read on.

Senate Bill 1137 provides clearer communication from lenders and, as a result, owners of Dublin Ranch homes will have some additional time to work out their options. The bill states the loan servicer must contact you a minimum of three times before they can proceed with the foreclosure. They must also have contact with at least one borrower, on the phone or in person, and they must work through with the borrower their financial situation and their options. If they can’t reach the person over the phone, a minimum of three letters must be sent.

If you own a home in Dublin Ranch, or a condo in Dublin Ranch, and are losing your home you may have better options now. I would encourage you to “Google” Senate Bill 1137, and then give me a call at 925.230.8375 or shoot me an email at