Prospective Buyers of Dublin Ranch Homes Face a Tough Market.

If you’re looking to buy in the Dublin Ranch area and detached homes are your thing, you’re likely to find you’re not the only one. I suppose that went without saying, considering just how desirable this neighborhood is. The point I’m trying to make is that the number of available homes in Dublin Ranch is significantly low. With less than a month of inventory on the market you’re going to be dealing with serious competition.

Not all of that is bad, though. We expect values may continue to increase steadily throughout 2010, which is a good reason to buy sooner as opposed to later. While sold prices are up 15% from last January they are still down 19% from two years ago. Those are solid savings if you’re looking at the bigger picture.

Speaking of the bigger picture, the recent years have been a bit of a disappointment for Dublin Ranch investors. Not only are prices down, but tenants can be hard to find. The federal (and possibly state if our Governor gets his way!) tax credits available to new homeowners have given many renters the ability to buy with their payments being the same amount as they would be paying in rent. Investors fortunate enough to have a renter have taken a steep discount on the rent.

The good news is, if home values continue to rise, affordability will decline and investors should have an easier time finding tenants. If you’re interested in investing in a Dublin Ranch home there’s still time to lock in a good price and profit in the near future!

Download this month’s housing report for Dublin Ranch homes.