Incredible Investment Opportunity for Friends of Dublin Ranch Lifestyle.

Great real estate opportunities aren’t limited to Dublin Ranch, and we just listed an incredible investment opportunity in Fairfield which we wanted to bring to you today.  If you are a fan of Robert Kiyosaki, you’ll recognize this as an opportunity to “Buy it Right!” In other words, it is a super-discounted property with tremendous up-side potential, and it should return a STRONG positive cash-flow.

This home sold in April of 2004 for $188,000, and a neighbor told us that values in the area were around $300K before values started to decline in mid-2006. To rent, it would require new carpet and paint (figure between $3000-4000) and you would likely need to replace the windows and sliding glass door to assure good service to your tenants.  At this point, the sliding glass door is having a hard time staying on the track, and the windows are aluminum and becoming difficult to open (figure another $2500 for all of those).  Still, definitely worth the additional repair investment considering the positive cashflow we are calcuclating on this property.

To see it, visit the Real Estate section of our site.  We are expecting multiple offers on this property; if you would like to learn more about it, please contact us today!