Dublin Ranch Homes Outperform Alameda County Average.

If we summed up Bay Area real estate according to the news, it would go like this: Sales have dropped, there’s been a slowdown in the climb of housing prices, and inventory remains low. Rising interest rates loom over homebuyers, potentially cutting into future housing sales. And people are even starting to talk about winter, when many buyers temporarily suspend their searches and fewer homes tend to go on sale. But if winter is coming early, the latest statistics suggest that Dublin Ranch homes aren’t quite ready for a jacket.

Without going into too much detail, the Bay Area’s nine counties saw an average of a 10.5% drop in home sales last month. In places like Alameda County, however, it was closer to a 13% drop. That’s part of the reason why Dublin is so noteworthy at the moment: At a time when other areas are experiencing dips and drops, the Dublin single family housing market is doing relatively well.

As we’ve suspected, there are several qualities to Dublin Ranch’s housing that have begun to stabilize over the past few months: Home values continue to hover around their high of $800,000-850,000, price trends have plateaued, and “months supply of inventory” remains a consistent 1.3 to 1.5. These are the types of factors that give homeowners confidence by telling them, “if you want to sell, now is the ideal time.”

But looking at August’s sales, it would seem that buyers are attracted to the stability of Dublin Ranch, as well. Whereas most cities are going through a bit of a slump after the peaks of July, more Dublin Ranch homes were sold in August than in any other month over the past two years. These sales have taken a large bite out of the swell of properties that were added back in July, further contributing to a “normalizing” of the local housing market.

On the other hand, more homes expired in August than in any single month for the past two years, and the median price of those homes was about $5,000 below the market median. What this means is that, even with Dublin Ranch outperforming the Bay Area average in home sales, homeowners still need to enter the market with a solid game plan for getting their home sold.

Fortunately, Lifestyle Real Estate specializes in doing just that. We know that the best strategies go beyond simply trying to sell your house. That’s why we pay such close attention to the market, focus on finding your home’s greatest qualities and making them the center of attention, and develop ways to market your home that guarantee it finds the perfect buyer. It is your home, after all—you deserve a team that will treat it that way.