Dublin Ranch Home Sales are Still Going Strong.

Readers of our blog will know -­‐ one of the ways we measure the “velocity” of the market for Dublin Ranch homes is by looking at the “Months’ Supply of Inventory” or “MSI.” It’s because it makes something complicated it an easy thing to understand. Think of it this way: if no more homes come on the market after today, how long would it take to sell through the current inventory at the rate that homes are selling? If the current MSI is any indication (and it is!), Dublin Ranch home sales are still going strong.

In Dublin Ranch, that number had been hovering at the 2-­‐2.5 months’ level until March 2012, when it plummeted to 1.2 months. The reason why that is significant is because it fundamentally shifted the market from an “even market” or one that favors neither buyers nor sellers, to a “seller’s market.” This is great news for Dublin Ranch home sellers, who have been waiting for the market to return to their favor.

The good news for Dublin Ranch home buyers is that the market is steadily creeping back to their favor. MSI went from 1.2 months, to 1.3 months in April, to 1.4 months in May. Assuming that trend continues, we’ll be back to a “less-­‐hot” market by mid-­‐summer.

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