Dublin Ranch Economy: Is It Improving?

All of us here in Dublin are looking for signs of where the Dublin Ranch economy is headed. Everywhere we look we run across good news and bad, and one begins to wonder at some point — what is Dublin Ranch going to look like in the next five years?

Nationally, the Consumer Confidence Index in January rose for the third straight month. I actually didn’t know this (even though I hear about the Consumer Confidence Index quite a bit…), but the index is based on research done in a monthly phone survey done of 5000 households. It measures consumers short-term and long-term outlooks; it questions those surveyed on their impression of how the job market is doing, whether they see conditions for business improving or degrading, and how they expect what’s going on to effect their income personally.

Locally, we seem to be mixed news. While Grafton Station has seen a long haul in getting up and running and we’ve see several places close in Waterford Place, I’ve been excited to see a few new businesses are going in. In Grafton Station, we’re going to enjoy a dental office that bears our name — Dublin Ranch Dental (I also notice they’re giving discounts for new customers!)

Also, the Around Dublin Blog recently reported that Charter Properties may be trying to sell the land for the Promenade, and that could be the reason for the delay in breaking ground. It seems the entrepreneurial spirit of the Dublin Ranch community is alive and well, and that things are starting to move forward.

It seems only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Dublin Ranch continues to be a great place to live!