Dublin Ranch Christmas Tree Pickup.

We’ve had a lot of Dublin Ranch residents asking us what they can do with their Christmas trees to dispose of them. In case you may have missed or forgotten about the Christmas tree pickup done by the Boy Scouts, you’re not alone — it was this past Saturday, January 3. All is not lost, however!

Owners of Dublin Ranch homes, condos and townhomes can set their tree out by the curb this coming Friday, January 9 and it will be picked up by Amador Valley — our local trash and recycling company. They are sending a special truck that is designed for recycling our trees.

The only down-side to having Amador Valley pick up your tree is that they want it cut down to four-foot sections (which for most trees basically means it needs to be cut in half…). They also do not recycle flocked trees or trees with tinsel on them.

Feel free to contact them by calling them at 925.479.9545 or by emailing them at info@amadorvalleyindustries.com.