Yasmin Masinas

About Yasmin:

Yasmin is an interior designer born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She studied at the Art Institute of California, San Francisco, where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Interior Design. With a focus on the juxtaposition of classic pieces alongside modern, fresh design elements, Yasmin manages to achieve a final product with a timeless feel.

“With several years of experience with high-end design firms and showrooms for both residential and commercial projects, I’ve collaborated on various projects, large and small, from their conceptual architectural beginnings all the way to decisions regarding their final decorative accessories.”

A certified CAD and sketch rendering specialist, Yasmin’s remarkable skill set enables her to work closely not only with clients from the beginning of a project, but also with contractors and architects throughout the various building stages to ensure designs are truly tailored towards every client’s architectural vision and design needs. Her love for fashion keeps Yasmin at the forefront of design trends, while her years of international travel visibly influence her designs through integration of various cultural influences.

Her extensive knowledge of classic design practices and styles, as well as staying on top of current design trends keeps Yasmin at the top of her game… that’s why:

From a Professional Perspective…
  • Multiple projects that Yasmin has worked on have been featured on acclaimed interior design magazines.
  • She has achieved “Top Seller” status while working at a high end furniture gallery.
  • After 5 years of working for multiple successful design firms, she decided to her own interior design business.
From a Personal Perspective…
  • Yasmin is a makeup enthusiast, and enjoys practicing freelance artistry in her free time.
  • She is a self-proclaimed “fabric hoarder”, and collects textiles from every country she visits.
  • She considers getting through a stack of fashion magazines a successful Saturday afternoon.

What Clients Say About Yasmin:

“Looking to revise and update my Master Bedroom/Bathroom Suite, I connected with Yasmin to discuss a more efficient use of the space. She came up with a completely revised layout, which most definitely utilized the space in a more logical and organized manner. From the beginning of the process where the room was stripped down to the studs and the walls were relocated, Yasmin worked alongside my contractors, specifying all of the finishes, the flooring, plumbing fixtures, and lighting. She also purchased the furnishings, accessories, and artwork to impeccably compliment the new design. I couldn’t be more happy with the end result — it’s spectacular!”
Master Suite Project Clients in Orinda, CA

Yasmin Masinas

Design Consultant
Design, Character,
Quality, and Class.

The Art Institute of CA, San Francisco
Bachelors of Science, Interior Design

  • Interior Design
  • AutoCAD
  • Hand Sketching & Rendering
  • Staging
  • Purchasing
  • Sales

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