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About Marquis:

Marquis Kish brings a unique combination of perspectives to his role as Marketing Manager here at Lifestyle. By bringing together the skills and talents gathered by way of his experience as a corporate marketing professional, a special events coordinator, a small business owner, and a digital photographer, he consistently delivers results for our clients.

“If we examine our goals — regardless of size — they’re made up of strategies and tactics. For me, the most important strategy for any problem is to not offer solutions, but to identify problems. That’s one of many reasons I helped establish Lifestyle Real Estate Services. There’s a real problem within the real estate industry; while most industries embrace technology, most agents still believe that marketing their “mugshot” is more important than marketing the properties their clients hire them to assist with. The solution we champion is not only to market our clients’ properties instead of ourselves, but marketing them exceptionally well so our clients can have the confidence they deserve.”

His approach to marketing involves viewing things from both a personal and a professional stance. Marquis understands that deciding to buy or sell real estate is one of the most important decisions most of us make in life, and he never discounts that fact when marketing a property for sale. That’s why Marquis developed a standard for Lifestyle Real Estate’s marketing strategies, including a photo shoot session dedicated to showing off your listing’s assets, a skillfully designed full-size, four panel marketing brochure, and a professionally designed website showcasing photos, property reports and other relevant information to potential buyers. Marketing your property doesn’t stop there, though. Utilizing his experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media, Marquis makes sure that properties are being displayed to their target audience on Trulia, Zillow, Facebook, and Twitter, and more.

Marquis is a calculated risk taker and works to push himself to right outside his comfort zone. That’s why:

From a Professional Perspective…
  • He started his own web design small business while holding a full time job.
  • He has received multiple requests to use photographs of photographs he has taken not only by other agents, but by local news teams for stories on the real estate market.
  • His focus on marketing real estate instead of agents has helped significantly increase clients’ listing price offers and decrease time on market.
From a Personal Perspective…
  • He’s moved to a new city twice (one time being clear across the country), knowing only one person each time.
  • He considers cycling as fast as humanly possible an important part of the creative process.
  • He insists his addiction to photographing everything he considers even remotely interesting and posting it on Instagram is completely healthy.

What Clients Say About Marquis:

“Marquis is a dedicated and hardworking professional, while remaining courteous, conscientious and thoughtful throughout the entire process. He brought new ideas and innovations to the table that helped prepare our home for sale in a short amount of time.”
Ted and Lydia Santos, San Pablo, CA

Marquis Kish

Marketing Manager
Marketing, Design,
Polish, and Adventure.

University of Pittsburgh
BBA in Advertising

  • Marketing Management
  • Special Events Coordination
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Project Management

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