Alex McMillen

About Alex:

Alex McMillen is our “Listings Manager” — a fancy way of saying he concentrates on all of the raw data about your home and how to put it to work. Whether it’s crunching numbers on local housing prices or writing articles on market trends, Alex is focused on finding ways to make complex information accessible to everybody.

“Buying or selling a house can be an intimidating experience, especially because of how complicated the process can be. Unfortunately, the average person only has access to the occasional newspaper article or Zestimate, which means that they’re are often unsure of the decision to buy or sell, or what sort of improvements could be made to their home, or even the price they should ask or offer. This creates a lot of unnecessary uncertainty and stress. That’s why I’m passionate about not only giving our clients the best information we can, but providing it to them in a way that isn’t overwhelming. Informed clients are happier, more confident clients!”

To address these issues with the industry, Alex has developed an approach that involves reaching two important communities in real estate: The clients, and the public. In the same sense that providing Lifestyle’s clients with accurate, tailored data helps with the process of buying or selling a home, he believes it is also important to give the public greater access to similar information. “Whether or not they choose Lifestyle Real Estate Services to assist in a transaction, a person deserves to know how their neighborhood is doing without needing to pour over charts and S&P Reports. Selling a home shouldn’t be about how fast you can do it; it should be about how smart you can do it.”

While a typical day for Alex can be comprised of being immersed in statistics, analytics reports and market analyses, he still finds time to explore and create, which is why he:

  • Lived in Alaska for several years while working with the United States military.

  • Is a devoted writer of fiction.
  • Loves learning how to do new things, from building computers to speaking foreign languages, or even installing a brick walkway from scratch.

What Clients Say About Alex:

“Alex was very organized when it came to the files, timelines and documents associated with our transaction. Necessary items were always easily accessible, and aspects of the transaction that could have been confusing or complicated were easily explained by Alex so that I felt confident in moving forward throughout each step. He was always on top of sending time sensitive documents and never let a thing slip through the cracks.”
Jessica Delgado, Richmond, CA

Alex McMillen

Listings Manager
Data, Communication,
Innovation, and Refinement.

University of California, Davis
BA in Political Science

  • Project Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Statistical Analytics
  • Property Management
  • Risk Management

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